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This site is intended for those that are open to discussing alternative models to explain the universe and the subatomic particles that govern everything we see.  This web site has been renamed from Particles of the Universe, which is the title of the original book, to Energy Wave Theory, which is the name of the underlying theory.


“At first glance, the wave structure of matter (WSM) is weird. It’s counterintuitive to our way of thinking about matter. We think about matter as discrete parts, not waves. But think about how we perceive this matter. We see it, hear it, or touch it. When we see it, our eyes are interpreting matter from light waves. When we hear it, our ears are interpreting matter from sound waves. When we touch it, our hands are being repelled by the electromagnetic waves of the matter. We don’t actually touch it. It’s incredibly close, but at a microscopic level, electrons are repelling before they actually touch. Our sense of everything is based on waves. Maybe matter really is waves…” — Jeff Yee

From the Particles of the Universe


“This is not the first time that science has been challenged, nor will it be the last.  Challenging and questioning the world in which we live has led to humankind’s progress.” — Jeff Yee

From the Particles of the Universe 2: Disrupted




There are many works that have contributed to the theories on this site, but three physicists whose works provide the foundation are:


  • Dr. Milo Wolff – Dr. Wolff’s paper Beyond the Point Particle – A Wave Structure for the Electron provides the framework for Wave Structure Matter, defined as standing waves of energy. More info at Space and Motion.


  • Gabriele LaFreniere – LaFreniere’s expansion on electron waves, including many of the visuals on this site, are extraordinary. His concepts relating it to matter and forces we experience in nature is the reason this web site exists. More info on his site at Matter is Made of Waves.


  • Xavier Borg – Borg’s work on gravity and the tetrahedral structures of atoms have been incorporated into this theory. More info on his site at Blaze Labs.


Others working on Wave Structure Matter or the aether:






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