Classical Constants

Classical Constants – Fundamental Physical Constants

The classical constants used in modern physics have been rewritten in wave constants format and simplified to only 5 wave constants (excluding g-factors).  However, many of the classical constants are used throughout the EWT to provide explanations about forces, atoms and other constants.  Most of the fundamental physical constants were therefore derived in both classical and wave constant formats.  In the case of the classical derivations, they have been reduced to 10 fundamental physical constants, removing proportionality constants like the gravitational constant (G) and the Planck constant (h).

Even though the derivations have been simplified for classical constants, it is still expected that the wave constant form is the correct version. Expressing everything in wave constants not only simplifies down to 5 constants, but also only three SI units (kg, m, s).



The following are the classical constants used in derivations. Although the values match CODATA values, the units for charge (Coulombs) have been replaced by units of distance (meters), consistent with the explanation of charge as wave amplitude in EWT.

Symbol Definition Value (units)
Fundamental Physical Constants
Ev Neutrino energy* 3.8280 x 10-19 (kg m2/s2)***
Ee Electron energy* 8.1871 x 10-14 (kg m2/s2)
re Electron classical radius 2.8179 x 10-15 (m)
μ0 Magnetic constant 1.2566 x 10-6 (kg/m)**
ε0 Electric constant 8.8542 x 10-12 (s2/kg m)**
c Speed of light 299,792,458 (m/s)
a0 Bohr radius 5.2918 x 10-11 (m)
ee Elementary charge 1.6022 x 10-19 (m)**
qP Planck charge 1.8755 x 10-18 (m)**
e Fine structure constant 0.00729735 (dimensionless)
Ge Gravitational coupling constant – electron 2.40 x 10-43 (dimensionless)


* Used as a constant on the site for understanding equations, but not used in derivations of other fundamental physical constants.

** Corrected units in EWT as charge (Coulombs) is replaced by distance (meters).

*** The exact rest energy of the neutrino is not determined. The value listed here is the best fit for particle energies.