Planck Time


Another fundamental physical constant named after Max Planck, Planck time is the time that it takes for light to travel the distance of one Planck length.

Planck Time Explained

See also: Planck length



Derivation – Planck Time

The equations in both the classical format and wave equation format of Planck time comes from the derivation of Planck length.  They are similar with the exception of the constant for the speed of light (c).  This is because Planck time is defined as the time that it takes for a wave traveling at the speed of light to travel the Planck length.


Classical Constant Form

Planck Time Derived

Wave Constant Form

Planck Time Derived Wave Constants

Using classical constants Using energy wave constants


Calculated Value: 5.3912E-44
Difference from CODATA: 0.000%
Calculated Units: s (time in seconds)
G-Factor: gλ3


Its value was calculated and shown to match the known value in the Summary of Calculations table. The derivation of this constant is available in the Fundamental Physical Constants paper.