Introduction to Energy Wave Theory

The strange quantum world can be explained and unified with classical physics under a new theory based on spacetime oscillations creating wave patterns. This new mathematical model describes the simplicity of nature.  One fundamental particle to create all particles.  One principle cause of all forces.  Three spatial dimensions.  Simple physics.

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Energy Wave Theory

Classical Terms

Using only classical mechanics, three papers simplify the creation of particles and their interactions in the Physics of Particles, the Geometry of Particles and the Geometry of Spacetime.  

constants constants

Wave Terms

Using new wave equations to describe the true behavior of subatomic particles, six papers outline new equations and constants in Particle Energy and Interaction, Atomic OrbitalsForces, PhotonsFundamental Physical Constants, and Key Physics Equations and Experiments

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Supporting Documents

A downloadable spreadsheet contains all wave equations and calculations on this site. A downloadable presentation contains a summary with visual explanations.

Energy Wave Theory Calculations Energy Wave Theory Presentation

Online Formats

A video format is available on YouTube and book format on Amazon. 

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