Summary of Calculations

Spreadsheet Download

All of the calculations, using the equations described in this web site, have been placed into a downloadable spreadsheet (.xlsx format).  Using Excel formulas, each of the equations are modeled into a spreadsheet and accurately provide the values for the physical constants, particle energy, photon energy, orbital distances and force values that are shown in their respective sections for calculations.


Energy Wave Theory Calculations

Download: Energy Wave Theory Calculations (.xlsx)


Orbital Distances Solution (Mathcad)

Calculations for orbital distances were calculated using Mathcad, using the Solve Blocks for systems of equations, due to the complexity to solve for multiple variables in multiple equations.  The values are then added back into the spreadsheet to be used in orbital equations in Excel.

NOTE: The Mathcad file (.mcdx) is placed on a Google Drive that does not allow a preview of the file.  Do not download the individual files.  When redirected to the Google Drive, download the entire .mcdx file.  Requires the Mathcad software to view the file.


Mathcad icon

Download: Mathcad Solution for Orbital Distances (.mcdx)