Proton-Electron Mass Ratio


Although it is a ratio of two other constants (proton mass and electron mass), the proton-electron mass ratio is commonly used in physics.  And the poor neutron was left out…



Derivation – Proton-Electron Mass Ratio

The proton-electron mass ratio is derived based on the constants for the electron mass and proton mass derived in wave constants.  It is the ratio between these constants. The Fundamental Physical Constants paper shows interesting similarities of this ratio compared to the ratios of the proton mass and electron mass with the Planck mass.


Classical Constant Form


Wave Constant Form

Proton-Electron Mass Ratio Wave Constant Form

Using classical constants Using energy wave constants


Calculated Value: 1836.153
Difference from CODATA: 0.000%
Calculated Units: None (dimensionless)
G-Factor: gp


Its value was calculated and shown to match the known value in the Summary of Calculations table. The derivation of this constant is available in the Fundamental Physical Constants paper.